Bespoke software services for your retail business

Unlock your business potential and become a front-runner in the retail industry with your own bespoke systems.
Custom Software for Retail & E-commerce
We understand what makes Retail tick, from classic Brick & Motor Retail to full E-Commerce we've worked extensively across the Retail Industry and know the tricks to keep your business ahead in this heavily competitive industry, see below some example systems to demonstrate areas we can help.

Retail Management Platform

Create your ideal Retail Management Platform to level up your business.
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Verification
  • Data annalysis and report generation
  • Labour vs Sales reporting and forecasts
  • Point of Sale (POS) Software

    Create the point of sale system that perfectly fits your business. From flexible payment options to loyalty schemes, gift cards and team management along with a suite of easy to understand powerful reporting. We know the pains of having to fit around your POS System. Unlock your businesses potential and empower your team with a system that works for you rather than against you, all at an affordable price that doesn't break the bank or lock you in. Contact us for a free consultation to see just how we can unlock your Point of Sale today.

    CRM & Affiliate Marketing

    With a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system you can streamline your lead nurturing pipeline, turning prospects into sales in record time and enable your own custom affiliate marketing platform to unlock the next level of your sales, following your exact rules, rather than rules forced on you by the platform you're using. Bespoke systems benefit from allowing you to see stocking levels and recommendations along with customer enquiries all in the same place, enabling your team to rapidly respond to your customers in industry leading time. Web leads are 9x more likely to convert if they’re followed-up within under 5 minutes (Source: Oracle), So optimizing your CRM process has real impact on your bottom line.

    Ecommerce Platforms

    Off the shelf Ecommerce platforms are great for small startup Retail businesses, but they can only get you so far, but there's a reason all the big players build their own systems. Unlock the power of machine learning powered recommendations and product flows to seamlessly turn clicks into sales. Streamline your checkout process with your own unique upselling techniques and payment options allowing you the option of mixing your own tooling with the best products available, rather than those dictated by your provider.


    In retail every second counts and we can help cutdown on those time consuming administration tasks. From feeding data into your payroll system to automating reporting into real-time access at the click of a button, alerting to stocking levels to monitoring competitor prices in real time to keep your pricing always on top.

    Real-Time Updates for Customers

    Keep your clients in the loop with real-time project updates. Our software empowers you to provide instant progress reports, achieved milestones, and any potential hurdles. Enhance transparency and build trust by keeping your clients informed every step of the way.
    Let Atreon be your reliable partner and level up your position to a front-runner of the retail industry, Whether you're interested in a full retail management software platform or just want to learn more about how we can help, fill out our contact form to get a free consultation.
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