Bespoke Software in the United Kingdom

We design and build modern digital platforms to help turn your digital vision into reality.
Development Expertise
At Atreon, we excel at understanding that your needs are unique to your business, and therefore the services we provide you need to match that. Our bespoke software solutions are crafted by developers who are local experts, born and raised in the UK, as well as being up-to-date in the latest technologies and methodologies. Here's a glimpse into our core development expertise:
Responsive Web Applications
Empower your operations whether you're in the office, on the move, or working remotely. At Atreon, we specialise in crafting responsive web applications that automate complex systems, keeping things smooth and simple, no matter where you are.
Cloud-Based Solutions (SAAS)
Your reliance on secure, high-performance, and cost-effective online solutions is well-understood at Atreon. That’s why we tailor software to thrive in your preferred cloud environment, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind as you manage your business operations.
Cross-Platform Application Development
Embrace the 'Build once, run anywhere' paradigm. At Atreon, we develop adaptive applications that resonate with your users' habits. Engage your audience on their phones, tablets, or PCs, ensuring a seamless experience whether they are at work, commuting, or relaxing at home.

Responsive Design for Every Device

In today's digital realm, accessibility across all devices is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. At Atreon, we prioritise Responsive Design to ensure that your bespoke software provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, no matter of the device in use. Whether your users access your software on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, we meticulously craft the user interface and user experience to remain consistent, user-friendly, and engaging. Our design approach ensures that every interaction feels natural and intuitive, fostering user satisfaction and business engagement. With Atreon's responsive design expertise, rest assured that your software will not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of your users, allow you to focus on what matters to you.

Leading the Way in Agile Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, agility is key. At Atreon, we stand at the forefront of Agile Development, a methodology that prioritises flexibility, collaboration, and iterative progress. Experience the future of software development with Atreon as your agile development partner.

Full-Stack Mastery

At Atreon, we embody full-stack mastery, and it goes beyond expertise; it's about knowing the right tools for every challenge and solving problems the right way, without shortcuts. Our seasoned team of developers possesses the art of choosing the perfect tools and approaches to craft solutions that drive your business forward.

So can we help you?

A breakdown from a tech perspective

The technology we use

We believe in being technology agnostic, aiming to pick the right tech for the job rather than picking to one solution. With that in mind most of our projects use a mixture of the following.
  • DevOps/Testing: Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Webpack, Selenium, Babel, NUnit, JUnit, Cucumber, XUnit, Jenkins, Git, Jira, OpenAPI, Swagger, Confluence
  • Languages: C#/.NET Core, PHP, Java, JavaScript, React, Angular, Sass, Html, Microsoft-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Technologies: Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ElasticStack, Memcached, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions
  • Test-Driven Culture

    We know bugs and quirks take projects from being loved to being hated. At Atreon we have a culture of End-to-End testing as we know building products that Just work from day 1 to day 1000 benefits us just as much as it benefits you. We use modern Agile practices along with TDD and integration tests to ensure we minimise any problems and get instant feedback if anything does slip the net to get it resolved as soon as possible.


    With every project you get a dedicated Project Manager to ensure you can always have a conversation and feed back any ideas or adjustments every single day if needed. Ongoing Support and maintainance agreements are available with all of our projects big or small to ensure we're on call if anything isn't going the way it should be.


    We've completed 1000s of integrations with systems big and small, whether its your standard RESTful APIs and WebHooks to complex EDI and physical device hybrid integrations, we can make all of your systems work exactly how you expect them to.

    Guarantees & SLAs

    All of our projects are delivered with our 'The Atreon Way' Guarantee. This ensures any failure is at our cost, not yours. We're confident in our products and we offer this to make sure you can be too, all the way from day one. We're also no stranger to NDAs and uptime SLAs for any project, so if you have something specific you need just let us know and we'll give you that peace of mind.

    Modern practices

    We build our products the Atreon way. That means we strictly adhere to Test Driven Development (TDD) and use only modern technologies to build your project using standard Agile development methodology and DevOps practices.
    Drive your Operations

    Optimise efficiency with Automation

    Empower your staff with automations to improve efficiency with jobs such as data entry, resource allocation, report generating or automatically updating your other tools.

    Scalable solutions

    We know first-hand that with the right tools in place, businesses can grow fast. So all of our products have your growth in mind at its core, to ensure that the success it brings you doesn't turn into problems later.


    Whether its just a small system, or large tiered architecture, we deliver our projects with modern DevOps technologies from docker, pipelines, TDD and kubernetes to microservices and monoliths. We don't believe in a one size fits all approach and will discuss the best path forward and the best operational tools to ensure your projects just keep working whatever life throws its way.

    Empower your existing products

    Companies invest heavily in their existing systems, and sometimes they just need a little boost. We can integrate with your existing systems to provide them more data, add additional functionality and improve speed and security.

    Cloud or on prem

    We build all our solutions to be platform agnostic, which means its flexible to be hosted wherever you need. Whether its a cloud provider like Azure or AWS or in your own datacentre, and even on premises. Whatever your situation, we've got the experience covered.

    Easy to use

    We know staff buy-in is a key factor, so one of our big areas of focus is around useability to make all projects as seamless to use as possible (and nice to look at too!)
    A Financial overview

    Improve your financial efficiency

    Get a clear picture of your financial state at a moments notice. Companies all over the world spend countless hours pulling data from different systems into custom reports every week, we can make those products work together like they should with an outcome.

    Cost effective

    We'll cut to the chase and tell you what you already know, buying a car vs renting one per day has a slightly higher upfront cost. Despite that fact, we normally choose to buy our assets, as that value is kept rather than inflating someone elses bottom line. Your own bespoke software is naturally a Capital Expense item vs your standard Operating Expense costs of off the shelf software as it’s an investment in your business, that expenditure then becomes an asset unlike off the shelf software, giving you tools that let you be at the front of your industry. Without the forever ongoing rate hikes with standard off the shelf software, and ever increasing prices as your company scales in employees, Bespoke software often has a positive ROI as quickly as the first few months.

    Tax Relief with R&D Tax Credits

    As you embark on your journey to build your project, your company will also likely be eligible for Tax Relief in the form of R&D Tax relief which can range from 10% to as high as 33% tax relief on costs.

    Empower your existing products

    We can work with your existing systems as well as providing new ones, so your current investments don’t go to waste, and normally choose to go for a cross of the two, so your existing investments stay and are instead amplified to match your business needs.

    Data analytics & Data driven reporting

    We know that reporting is often the secret sauce behind a lot of successful businesses. We also know that most businesses spend countless hours creating and verifying data from various systems and trying to stitch it together to get the data that is needed. We also know, it doesn't have to be that hard. Thats why we build beautiful reporting out of all the data pieces you have, using our own custom tooling and reporting to existing Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI and able to export to your favourites like Excel at the touch of a button.
    Optimise Your Marketing Strategy

    Sales Focused Systems

    We understand the importance of aligning marketing efforts with sales goals. Our bespoke software solutions can integrate seamlessly with various sales-focused systems, enabling you to track leads, analyse customer interactions, and improve sales conversion rates. Whether it's CRM integration, lead scoring, or sales automation, our decicated project manager will ensure a tailored solution perfect for your marketing needs.


    Easy analysis on marketing campaigns is crucial to leading marketing strategies. Our software empowers you with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Gain real-time insights into KPIs, campaign effectiveness, customer behaviour, and more. Software designed so you can quickly measure the impact of your marketing efforts and fine-tune strategies for maximum success.

    AI Integrations

    We know businesses are keen to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects, and we can advise where AI will fit, and just as importantly where perhaps its just not there yet. Whether you want your own LLM or integrate with an industry leader like ChatGPT or StableDiffussion APIs we've got the experience to turn your ideas into reality.

    Data Driven

    Make informed marketing decisions with data-driven insights. Our software solutions utilise advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to identify trends, customer preferences, and opportunities. In the world of marketing, data is king; so we embrace this by giving you software allowing you to create highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

    Project Management

    We know you're busy, thats why you get a dedicated project manager with every project. Whether you want to be fully hands on, or just want to feedback on milestones we can cater to however you want to work, and can flexibly change whenever you want. Want the same level of control over your own internal projects? We can build your unique workflow into your very own project management tool. From planning and resource allocation to task tracking and collaboration. Stay on top of deadlines, allocate resources effectively, and ensure smooth project execution from start to finish.


    Unlock the full potential of marketing automation with our custom software solutions. Automate repetitive tasks, nurture leads, and trigger personalised communication based on customer interactions. Build tools to enable you to optimise your marketing funnel, drive engagement, and increase overall marketing efficiency.

    Easy to use

    Marketing is a busy, fast-moving cog in the business machine, which is why we believe your system needs to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of designers and developers work together with you to create intuitive interfaces and visually engaging experiences branded to your exact needs. Enjoy a seamless user experience and efficient workflow while managing your marketing efforts with our bespoke software.
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