Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Value

Our custom software pricing options designed to fit your business needs. With a commitment to transparency and competitive rates, we provide tailored solutions that deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality.
The cost of custom software development can vary due to the uniqueness of each project. We are committed to offering clear and upfront pricing options to take the confusion out of outsourcing your software development. Unlike other custom software providers, we do not have a minimum project cost. Our pricing options are designed to fit your needs. Our pricing options start from as little as £80 per hour and we will provide you with an estimated hourly breakdown after an initial consultation to help you make an informed decision.
Monthly Plans
Atreon monthly plans are here to ensure your software evolves as fast as your business does. Think of it as having your own in-house development team at a fraction of the cost. These plans are perfect for businesses looking to continuously refine and expand their systems with new features. We offer the following tiers to fit your requirements:
Essentials: £2,040 per month, 8 hours project management + 16 hours project development – no minimum term, billed monthly. Ideal for businesses that need small-medium sized projects. Standard: £3,200 per month, dedicated project manager + dedicated technical support + 40 hours project development – 3-month minimum term, billed quarterly. Our most popular monthly plan. Perfect for businesses looking for medium-large sized projects. Growth: £6,000 per month, dedicated project manager + dedicated technical support + 80 hours development + quarterly on-site planning day – 3-month minimum term, billed quarterly. Perfect for growing businesses looking to implement multiple medium-large projects in a short space of time. Enterprise: Custom pricing, dedicated project manager + dedicated technical manager + custom development hours + custom number of on-site planning days – 12 months minimum term, flexible billing.
Custom software UK pricing plans - Atreon
Pricing Options
Fixed price
We agree a price upfront for the project, then typically take a deposit upfront of 30% and the remaining 70% upon completion. Great for small-medium sized projects.
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Milestone base
We agree certain project milestones, with a fixed amount upon completion. Often used for medium-large projects, breaking the project down into smaller more manageable chunks.
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Per hour
We offer our services for an hourly rate, Ideal for smaller projects and ad-hoc work. The rate varies depending on the experience and resources needed but ranges from an industry-beating £80 to £120 per hour.
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Below are some examples of projects along with time-frames and expected costs.

Internal business management system
£3,000-£30,000 budget

Time frame: 1-2 months The cost of an internal business management system varies based on the complexity of the system required. The number of features, level of customisation and any integrations with existing systems will influence the price. Many businesses will pay for a tool (or multiple tools) for each area of their business. Save time and money by investing in an internal business management system. A comprehensive business management system can include automated administration, HR tools, inventory management, business intelligence (BI) and much more.

Advanced automated reporting
<£1,000 - £2,000 budget

Time frame: < 1 month Automated reporting systems are priced according the complexity of the data involved and the reporting capabilities needed. The cost variation covers systems ranging from basic template reports to complex data analysis involving multiple data sources. Get instant access to your data with advanced automated reporting, removing the need for countless hours spent gathering data and creating reports.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
£3,000-£20,000 budget

Time frame: 1-3 months The cost of a custom CRM system can vary depending on the features required. A basic system should consolidate your customer information and interactions in one place. A more complex system can include contact automation tools, lead tracking, custom reports, marketing automation and much more. Stop paying for a per user, per month off-the-shelf solution and invest in a bespoke CRM system that fits your needs and scales with your business.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
£1,000-£10,000 budget

Time frame: 1-3 months MVP development cost can vary depending on the scale of the project. An MVP with only core functionalities to test market viability will cost less than an MVP designed to provide deeper insight or handle complex interactions. Have a product or service idea that you need to test? We can take this idea into a workable solution in as little as 4 weeks, get real user feedback fast without committing vast resources to developing the product in full.

System Integrations / API Integrations
£1,000-£4,000 budget

Time frame: 1-2 months API integration pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the integration or number of partners to integrate with. Have multiple systems that don’t talk to each other? Or a system that you’d love to pull data from automatically? We can integrate your systems together using bespoke API’s and connectors and get them sharing data to remove costly double entry and the risk of human error.
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