Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Value

Discover our pricing options designed to fit your specific needs. With a commitment to transparency and competitive rates, we provide tailored solutions that deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality.
Given the uniqueness of each business and project, pricing naturally varies. However, our commitment is to provide clear and upfront pricing from the outset, ensuring transparency throughout any projects we embark on together.

Value Without Compromise

Atreon was established to challenge the prevalence of substandard services with inflated costs. We believe in affordable excellence and upfront pricing, building trusted partnerships that span multiple projects. Our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence ensures that you receive unparalleled value without ever compromising on quality.
Pricing Options
Fixed price
We agree a price upfront for the project, then typically take a deposit upfront of 30% and the remaining 70% upon completion.
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Milestone base
We agree certain project milestones, with a fixed amount upon completion. This is typical for slightly larger projects, breaking it down into smaller chunks that gives you peace of mind everything is going according to plan.
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Per hour
For smaller projects and ad-hoc work, we occasionally will offer our teams services for an hourly rate. This varies depending on the experience and resources needed but ranges from an industry-beating range between £60-£120 per hour
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Below are some real world examples of projects we have built along with their time-frames and expected costs.

Internal business management system
£3k-£30k budget

Time frame: 1-2 months Tired of the drawback of using off the shelf systems? These are the types of things businesses might first need to get them off the ground with their own technologies, to get the edge on their competitors and open the floodgates to efficiencies and reporting.​ ​ Here, you lay the groundwork for your own system, allowing you to remove those administration costs, and let your employees focus on what's important; dealing with the human aspect of your business.

Advanced automated reporting
<£1k - £2k budget

Time frame: < 1 month Is your company often spending countless hours on tying together existing data into reports? ​ ​ Most of the time these tasks can all be almost entirely eradicated with the ability for you to get access to this data instantly at a moment's notice.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
£3k-£20k budget

Time frame: 1-3 months Take control of your customer interactions with a streamlined CRM system. Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and disorganised notes. Build simple easy solutions to help you efficiently manage customer data, capture leads, and track interactions. Build stronger relationships, seize opportunities, and maximize your business growth.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
£1k-£10k budget

Time frame: 1-3 months Have a product of service idea that you need to test with a fast solution? We can take this idea into a workable solution in as little as 4 weeks, to get real user feedback as soon as possible.
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