Bespoke software services for your business

Optimise your business performance with bespoke solutions. As your partner, we collaborate closely with you to identify crucial areas for enhancement and deliver quantifiable outcomes. Let's elevate your business to the next level together.
Our Services
Read on to see how we can help your business achieve its goals with custom software solutions, made and supported 100% in the UK, never outsourced.

Web, desktop & Mobile Apps

From CRMs and ERPs to full end to end E-commerce websites and Company Portals

Third party Systems integrations

Allow your existing systems to share data seamlessly between each other by implementing a custom data layer allowing even your oldest legacy technology to offer powerful modern connectors to other systems.

API Management

Atreon understands the importance of leveraging existing software investments. Our experts can integrate your existing systems and applications, streamlining data access and ensuring smooth information flow across various platforms. By eliminating silos and enhancing interoperability, we enable you to maximise the value of your current software ecosystem without needing to start over again.

Reporting & Dashboards

Effective data analysis is crucial for informed decision-making. Atreon develops robust reporting solutions that transform raw data into valuable insights. Whether it's custom dashboards, interactive visualisations, or comprehensive reports, we empower you with actionable information to drive your business forward.

The technology we use

We believe in being technology agnostic, aiming to pick the right tech for the job rather than picking to one solution. With that in mind most of our projects use a mixture of the following.
  • DevOps/Testing: Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Webpack, Selenium, Babel, NUnit, JUnit, Cucumber, XUnit, Jenkins, Git, Jira, OpenAPI, Swagger, Confluence
  • Languages: C#/.NET Core, PHP, Java, JavaScript, React, Angular, Sass, Html, Microsoft-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Technologies: Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ElasticStack, Memcached, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions
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    Custom Software Examples
    We've listed a few common areas businesses utilise us to help improve their business processes

    Modern Web Development

    We've built websites for numerous businesses from retailers with hundreds of millions in turnover, to those just starting out. Together with our UX/UI experts and sales experience, we can work with you to deliver your website to meet your exact goals. From high value item sales, service systems, saas applications to multi item retail, in-store or fully online. We can cover the whole process from F&I integrations to the exact look and feel.

    Internal Business Portals

    Get to the next level of productivity with your own internal business portal. Manage operations, access reporting and financials and give key stakeholders access to KPIs at a glance. Built to look and feel exactly how you want it to, your own internal system is one of the best paths to unlock your businesses true potential.

    Real-Time Updates for Customers

    Keep your customer satisfaction high with real-time updates. Our software empowers you to provide instant progress reports, achieved milestones, and any potential hurdles. Enhance transparency and build trust by keeping your customers informed every step of the way.

    CRM & Affiliate Marketing

    With a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system you can streamline your lead nurturing pipeline, turning prospects into sales in record time and enable your own custom affiliate marketing platform to unlock the next level of your sales, following your exact rules, rather than rules forced on you by the platform you're using. Bespoke systems benefit from allowing you to see stocking levels and recommendations along with customer enquiries all in the same place, enabling your team to rapidly respond to your customers in industry leading time. Web leads are 9x more likely to convert if they’re followed-up within under 5 minutes (Source: Oracle), So optimizing your CRM process has real impact on your bottom line.

    AI & LLM Integrations

    AI has come along leaps and bounds in the past few years and more and more businesses are coming up with revolutionary ideas every day. We've worked extensively with AI both before and after the boom thanks to OpenAI and StableDiffussion and can offer you the expertise and consultation to take your ideas into reality without breaking the bank.
    In today's competitive landscape, scaling your operations and streamlining labor-intensive tasks are crucial for achieving sustainable growth. At Atreon, we excel in developing solutions that enable your business to operate at scale efficiently.
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