6 Ways Bespoke Software is Changing the Game in Civil Engineering

Our article breaks down the top 6 ways bespoke software solutions are boosting efficiency, precision and cutting costs.

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Published July 12, 2023
By Josh Comery

Ever heard of the old saying"Time is money"? Well, nowhere is this truer than in the fast-paced world of civil engineering. Just ask Jessica, a seasoned civil engineer who was once working on a complex residential development project. She had to juggle multiple tasks - from resource allocation and team coordination to maintaining strict timelines. However, the off-the-shelf project management tool she used wasn't quite cutting it. It lacked some vital features needed for her unique project requirements, leading to disarray and inefficiency.

Enter bespoke software. Jessica's company decided to invest in a custom-built project management tool built by Atreon, designed to match their workflows precisely. The transformation was remarkable! The new software, catering exactly to their needs, turned chaos into coordination and inefficiency into smooth execution. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Let's dive in and explore the top five ways how bespoke software is changing the game in civil engineering.

1. Improved Project Management

Just like in Jessica's case, bespoke software delivers unparalleled benefits in project management. Tailored tools are being designed to integrate all aspects of a civil engineering project, from resource allocation to time tracking and budgeting. These tools centralise data and facilitate better communication, precise planning, and smoother execution.

2. Competitive Pricing Analysis

Behind any civil engineering project is the stock and labour needed to make it happen. Over the last decade entire departments of people have delved into the mysterious arts of getting products at the right cost, buying from Supplier A when the wind blows east, and Supplier B when it rains. With bespoke software you can provide your procurement team with instant live data from various suppliers, vendors and markets to ensure they have all the data they need to get the best price possible.

Paul - Head of Procurement

3. Optimized Resource Allocation

Mismanagement of resources can lead to cost overruns and project delays in civil engineering. However, bespoke software can turn this around. Custom-developed tools offer robust resource management features, including real-time inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and automated reordering, leading to efficient resource use and keeping projects on schedule.

4. Intelligent Data Analysis

In today's data-driven world, civil engineering is no exception. Bespoke software solutions are equipped with sophisticated data analytics tools that collect and analyse data from various project stages, providing invaluable insights for better decision-making.

5. Enhanced Safety Measures

Safety is paramount in the civil engineering sector, and bespoke software is playing a critical role here. From real-time risk assessment tools to safety training modules, custom-built software solutions address specific safety needs, promoting a culture of safety and ensuring compliance with regulations.

6. Streamlining Administration and Stock Ordering

If you've ever been involved in a civil engineering project, you'll know that behind the scenes, there's an astonishing amount of administration and stock ordering going on. It's often a complex, time-consuming process, prone to human error and miscommunication. But it doesn't have to be this way, not with bespoke software by your side.

Think of John, a procurement officer for a bustling civil engineering firm. He was buried in a mountain of paperwork, manually tracking material stock levels and placing orders with multiple suppliers. It was an exhausting process that often led to either over-ordering, under-ordering, or late delivery - all causing project delays and cost overruns.

Once the firm implemented a bespoke software solution, John's work life transformed. The custom-built tool automated the entire process, integrating stock level monitoring, supplier management, and order placement in a single interface. It provided real-time updates on stock levels and sent alerts when materials were running low. The system also enabled efficient communication with suppliers, automatically generating and sending order requests based on real-time data.

The result? A streamlined process, fewer errors, less wastage, and substantial time and cost savings.

So... Whats the outcome?

Bespoke software doesn't just simplify administration and stock ordering. It intelligently integrates these tasks into the broader project management ecosystem, ensuring they contribute positively to project timelines and outcomes, rather than being a bottleneck. By taking the load off manual administrative work, bespoke software allows teams to focus on what they do best - planning, designing, and building amazing civil engineering projects.

So, whether it's managing complex projects like Jessica or streamlining the stock ordering process like John, bespoke software is truly changing the game in civil engineering, creating an industry that's more efficient, more coordinated, and more successful. And, as we've seen, the benefits go beyond just cost and time savings. It's about creating a smoother, more enjoyable work experience for everyone involved. Isn't that something we all want to be a part of?

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